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Mike Brimeyer - Authorized AMSOIL Dealer

Mike Brimeyer - AMSOIL Dealer
Authorized AMSOIL Dealer

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Mike Brimeyer | Distance Oil | Authorized AMSOIL Dealer

Hi, I’m Mike Brimeyer, and I’m happy to help you with all of your AMSOIL needs!  I’m an Independent AMSOIL Dealer and the owner of Distance Oil LLC. The goal of Distance Oil is to support you with quality AMSOIL synthetic lubricants so you can take your vehicles, ATV’s, motorcycles, and equipment the distance with maximum performance.

My background in engineered liquid pumping equipment has taught me the significance of proper equipment maintenance and the importance of using quality lubricants for optimal performance. I’ve applied that practice to my entire fleet of vehicles (and ‘toys’) using AMSOIL products and I haven’t looked back.

Generator Oil | MIke Brimeyer | Authorized AMSOIL DealerI specialize in AMSOIL products and will help you find the right synthetic oils & lubricants for your specific applications.  Whether you need AMSOIL for your family cars, business vehicles, motorsports vehicles or yard equipment, I’ll provide the right products at a cost savings to you.  

I take great pride in taking my vehicles the distance with the ultimate protection of AMSOIL products, and I thoroughly enjoy helping others do the same. Whether its your car, truck, favorite ride, boat, mower or blower, Distance Oil can help you get maximum performance and long life out of your fleet through the use of AMSOIL products.

As my customer, your needs are my top priority.  Put my skills, knowledge and experience to work for you, and keep your vehicles & equipment in top running condition with AMSOIL.  

Thank you for entrusting me with your vehicle(s).    I’m readily available to assist you with all of your AMSOIL Synthetic Oil & Lubricants.

Location: Maple Grove, MN, and provides nationwide AMSOIL service to all 50 United States.

to find the right oil for your make & model of vehicle!

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