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Submit the form below to participate in the COMMERCIAL lead generator group.  Your card will not be charged until your application has been reviewed and approved for eligibility.   Your information below will be encrypted and remain confidential.


1.  You must be participating in the INDIVIDUAL ad rotation campaign at a $200 (or higher) subscription level.

2.  This COMMERCIAL subscription is a MINIMUM OF THREE MONTHS commitment.  

3.  You MUST have a credible business website for your AMSOIL business.  It can be one of our $600 websites, or it can be a credible, professional business website from another provider.  (Empower kit sites do NOT fall into the “credible” category due to their design limitations).

4. You MUST be AMSOIL Commercial Certified via taking the course lessons in your Dealer Zone, allowing you to be eligible for AMSOIL commercial leads.

5.  You MUST report that you received your leads in the Facebook group.  Simply posting “Got XYZ company as a commercial lead” is fine.  Due to the high-visibility and high-volume of commercial accounts, we need to ensure leads are being acted upon.   If you fail to report your leads, we have to assume they are being ignored… and you will be dropped from the rotation without refund.

We need to maintain the utmost vigilance and professionalism in this COMMERCIAL rotation.  AMSOIL Corporate will be scrutinizing our system as we expand our service area across the country.  Our reputation (and theirs) must be upheld to the highest standards of customer service.  DON’T BOTCH UP  this opportunity to LEVEL UP your business!

Participation (How It Works)

This website serves as a funnel for people searching for commercial AMSOIL accounts and high-volume product purchases.  There are two main pathways available once someone lands on this site from clicking on a paid ad, content link, organic search engine listing or social media post.  Lead funnels on this site are managed by “Data Captures“.

Data Captures include name, email address, and phone numbers obtained from people completing a contact form on this site.  When the information is captured by the general contact form, the lead is distributed in a pure “batting order rotation” to the next-in-line subscriber (AMSOIL Dealer) participating on the site. 

There is a drill-down locator map similar to that which is on the individual site.  The contact form from map drill-downs also trigger leads via the batting order rotation.  Unlike the individual oil site, there are no “Russian Roulette” icon sets that link to your ZO# account at AMSOIL.  This rotation is solely a revolving batting order rotation.   

WHY?  Because sales and account registrations for COMMERCIAL leads require a much more timely, personal, and managed relationship with the prospective customer. 

On the home page of the Commercial lead generator site, there is a section that is titled “Small Quantity and Personal Purchases”.  Inevitably, people looking for AMSOIL will click on the COMMERCIAL site as they try to find a dealer who services their area.  It would be a mistake to waste the marketing dollars just to have them click the “back” button once they realize this is a commercial account site.  Therefore, we will have ONE rotating carousel button that links visitors to the individual site.   If a visitor clicks on the icon button, they will be randomly sent to the PROFILE PAGE of someone participating in the COMMERCIAL campaign.  


Subscription packages have been put together to accommodate a variety of budgets and marketing goals.  This makes it easier for participants to evaluate their return on investment (ROI) and match their growth goals with a scalable budget.

Setup Fee: Most packages include a one-time setup fee for the initial payment.  The setup fee for the COMMERCIAL ad rotation covers the overhead costs of creating icon sets, a Profile Page, transaction fees, image license fees, etc.   See the setup fee policy, below.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This rotation should cycle MUCH faster than the individual batting order rotation on the consumer site.  There are no icon set options for commercial customers, so the form submissions are the main source of leads. 

    • The number of entries in the rotation is therefore smaller (so it distributes leads more consistently). 
    • The ad campaign is somewhat more expensive with Google due to keyword choices in the campaign.
    • The resulting customers will be higher-volume purchasers (generally) due to buying oil in bulk.
    • The “overflow” of consumer customers vs. commercial customers will AUGMENT your leads from your profile page.

The following is a cost-breakdown of each package:

ENTRY LEVEL Commercial: $300/month. 
(Plus One-Time Setup Fee of $25)*

  • Lead Rotation Batting Order: One entry per batting order cycle.
  • Carousel Icon: One button in the clickable icon set.

BUILDER LEVEL Commercial: $400/month. 
(Plus One-Time Setup Fee of $25)*

  • Lead Rotation Batting Order: Three entries per batting order cycle.
  • Carousel Icon: Two buttons in the clickable icon set.

DIRECT JOBBER LEVEL Commercial: $500/month. 
(Plus One-Time Setup Fee of $25)*

  • Lead Rotation Batting Order: Five entries per batting order cycle.
  • Carousel Icon: Three buttons in the clickable icon set.



* The One-Time Setup Fee is to establish your account, which involves building your profile page, icon sets, contact form, email forwarders, etc. and configuring them.  Due to the time involvement to adjust subscriptions, there is a $15 fee charged to change participation levels, except to cancel.  If your account is cancelled (by your request or due to declined billing payments), your icon sets, profile page, form, etc. will be removed from the site.  Resuming participation at a later date requires the one-time setup fee of a new account to rebuild all of the above.

Note: Participation in this Lead Generating Ad Rotation system is restricted to approved members of Mylo Twingstrom’s AMSOIL group.

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    By checking the box below, I understand and agree to the following: **

    • I am signing up for an ongoing subscription for automatic monthly recurring billing.

    • There is a three (3) month minimum subscription commitment for this subscription.

    • To cancel my subscription, I must provide at least 10 days advance notice prior to my next billing date.

    • I understand that there will be a $15 fee to adjust my subscription level up or down in subsequent months (to cover admin time).

    • My subscription is non-refundable for any unused portion during a billing cycle.

    • Charges to my payment method will appear on my statement as Top Tier Business Systems or Prosperity Web Solutions.

    • Prosperity Web Solutions cannot guarantee specific results or numbers of leads resulting from my subscription.

    • My subscription must first be approved for setup as an authorized participant prior to my account being set up.

    • Upon being approved as an authorized participant, my payment method will be charged monthly on the 1st or the 16th of the month, recurring, whichever is upcoming.

    • If my recurring monthly payment is declined, my subscription will be cancelled, and re-establishing it will incur a new setup fee.

    • I have read, understand, and agree to the “Policies, Terms and The Legal Stuff” section at the bottom of this page.

    I understand and agree.**

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    If you do not currently have your own website, or if you are using a template site that is non-secure and not optimizable, would you be interested in discussing a custom-built, professionally designed website to represent your business?

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    Policies, Terms, and The Legal Stuff:

    Posted January 2, 2022.  Updated February 16, 2023 (Rev 2)

    By entering your payment information; clicking the “I Agree” box in the subscription form above; and submitting the Subscription Signup form, you are agreeing to the following terms, conditions, and policies:

    DISCLAIMER: The subscription/membership fee that you pay is applied to ADVERTISING.  There are no guaranteed results with advertising.  In other words, people may see the advertised organic and subscribed marketing content but may not click on it.  And if they do click on it, there is no guarantee that they will pursue becoming a customer, dealer, etc.  Likewise, if a prospective lead reaches out to you to become a customer, dealer, etc, it will be your responsibility to follow up with that individual to manage your relationship with them.  There are no refunds (full or prorated) for subscriptions/memberships on this site.

    WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Prosperity Web Solutions makes every effort to ensure correct and accurate content (including spelling, affiliate links, etc.) posted on this website.  By subscribing to this membership service for lead generation, you agree that any liability for errors and omissions on the part of Prosperity Web Solutions is limited (in its entirety) to the amount of the setup fee you pay for your subscription, under no circumstances to exceed $95. 

    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Prosperity Web Solutions will obtain applicable licenses to use images, videos, and other copyrighted intellectual property provided by Prosperity Web Solutions in creation of this website.  As a subscribing member, you agree to be responsible for the proper licensing of images, videos, etc. of copyrighted materials you provide.  You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Prosperity Web Solutions from any intellectual property claim brought against Prosperity Web Solutions related to content you have provided.  (For example, profile pictures, professional photography, etc.)

    CHANGES AND UPDATES: From time to time, Prosperity Web Solutions, at its sole discretion, may update the terms of this Agreement, website functionality, lead distribution criteria to subscribers, etc.  without notice.  By subscribing to (and participating in) this system, you are agreeing to adhere to future updates (including but not limited to those described herein) as they occur.

    SYSTEM ABUSE AND DATA MANIPULATION: The “Find an AMSOIL Dealer Near Me” Lead Generator uses various methods and metrics to detect abuse and manipulation of the system.  Such methods include but are not limited to; IP Address monitoring; cookies; and statistical data modeling.  (An example of “abuse and data manipulation” would be making bogus form submissions to artificially advance your position in the lead rotation queue.)  If you attempt to abuse or manipulate the system for unfair personal gain, you will lose your eligibility to participate in the “batting-order rotation” portion of lead assignments, and you may be disqualified/disenrolled from the system without refund.  Your use of this system indicates your understanding and agreement to these terms.

    BILLING AGREEMENT: Your transactions will appear on your credit card statement or bank statement as “Top Tier Business Systems” or “Prosperity Web Solutions”.  You agree to honor your commitment to pay for your subscription.  There is no long-term contract for your membership subscription.  You may cancel your subscription with 10-days advance notice prior to your next billing period date.  If your subscription payment is declined (due to insufficient funds, credit card decline, etc), your subscription will be cancelled.  You agree to reimburse Prosperity Web Solutions for any and all merchant transaction fees (4% of transaction amount) and chargeback fees ($25 per disputed transaction) resulting from your failure to honor this Agreement, as well as reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs incidental to fulfill your obligation in this Agreement and enforce the terms herein.

    CAMPAIGN ADJUSTMENTS: The distribution of funds from your agreed-upon subscription level towards organic, pay-per-click, and administrative fees may be adjusted (increased or decreased) to account for variations in campaign cash flow.  For example, if fraudulent clicks (bots, click farms, competitors, etc) on a Google Ads campaign are identified and reported to, and subsequently refunded by, Google based on fraud detection software we utilize in our campaign monitoring, the monies refunded by Google will be added to the following month’s Google Ads campaign budget for the benefit of all subscribers.  Likewise, if an individual subscriber disputes their agreed-upon monthly fee and the matter cannot be resolved per the BILLING AGREEMENT terms herein, the disputed amount (and associated chargeback fees) will be absorbed (deducted) from the subsequent month’s group (collective) campaign budget, accordingly.

    CANCELLATION:  To cancel your membership subscription, send an email to with 10-days advance notice prior to your next billing cycle.  Your billing cycle will either be on the 1st or the 16th of each month.  If your billing cycle is on the 1st of the month, you must submit your cancellation request to Prosperity Web Solutions at least 10 days earlier.  If your billing cycle is on the 16th of the month, you must submit your cancellation request on or before the 6th of the month.  If payment-in-full for your subscription is not received by the first day of your billing cycle (the 1st or 16th of the month, as applicable), your subscription will be canceled.  Once your subscription has been cancelled (whether by your request or due to non-payment), you must submit a new Subscription Signup form to participate in the Lead Generation System again (including setup fee to recreate your content).

    SETUP FEES: The setup fee to establish your account is a one-time fee.  If your account is maintained in good standing, there are no administrative fees to increase or decrease your monthly participation level in the lead generation system.  If your account is cancelled, whether by your request or due to declined payments, your icon sets, profile page, contact form, email forwarders, etc. will be removed from the site.  If you later decide to resume participation in the lead system (reinstate your account), you will be charged the requisite setup fee to reestablish the account and rebuild the icon sets, profile page, contact form, etc., the same as a new account.

    DURABILITY OF AGREEMENT: In the event that any clause or section of this Agreement is determined by competent legal authority to be invalid or unlawful, the rest of this Document remains intact and enforceable to the fullest extent of applicable laws.

    LEGAL VENUE: By subscribing to this membership service, you agree that any dispute or legal proceedings will be subject to Pennsylvania laws and resolved in the jurisdiction of Dauphin County, PA, by a court of competent authority.  You further agree that any complaint brought against Prosperity Web Solutions will be an individual action, and not part of a class action.  You further agree that the prevailing party in any such litigation will be entitled to reimbursement for court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

    Posted January 2, 2022.  Updated May 1, 2022 (Rev 1)

    Rev 1: Added setup fee to re-subscriptions after cancellation.