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Buck Eich - Authorized AMSOIL Dealer

Authorized AMSOIL Dealer

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Hi, I’m Buck (Ken) Eich, and I’m happy to help you with all of your AMSOIL needs!

I was in Plumbing and Heating trade for 43 years and Amsoil dealer for about 10 years. I have been using AMSOIL in all my vehicles and small engines for years.

I specialize in AMSOIL products and will help you find the right synthetic oils & lubricants for your specific applications.  Whether you need AMSOIL for your family cars, business vehicles, motorsports vehicles or yard equipment, I’ll provide the right products at a cost savings to you.  

As my customer, your needs are my top priority.  Put my skills, knowledge and experience to work for you, and keep your vehicles & equipment in top running condition with AMSOIL.  

Thank you for entrusting me with your vehicle(s).    I’m readily available to assist you with all of your AMSOIL Synthetic Oil & Lubricants.

Location: St. Cloud, MN, and provides nationwide AMSOIL service to all 50 United States.

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